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Canvas will not load photos

Submitted files from students appear as unsupported files, and they cannot be opened. These submitted files typically are in the formats .HEIC or .HEIF. These file formats come from Apple devices, and they are only able to be opened with Apple devices. In addition, Canvas supports the following files: 

With a .HEIC or .HEIF file, download the file. Then, proceed to a file conversion website (quicklink: https://cloudconvert.com/heic-to-jpg) 

Step 1: Locate the Select File button on the page.


Step 2: Drag your downloaded file from the footer bar at the bottom of your browser, or locate the file in Files. 


Step 3: Once the file uploads, verify the settings are correct. A .HEIC file to JPG.

Step 4: Hit the Convert button. You will receive a notification that your download is available when the conversion is complete.

Step 5: View the preview of the image or hit the Download button.


For easy access to a converter, add a File Converter Extension to your Chrome tab. (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/file-converter-by-online/dicgkflojhbopmagcacdklcpdfdcnhko)

Preventative Steps

If a student commonly submits .HEIC or ..HEIF, request that they adjust the settings on their Apple Device, or encourage them to use an online converter before submitting.

Go to Settings → Camera → Formats → Select Most Compatible.

Their Apple device will then automatically convert their image files to JPG then.

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