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My teachers google meet is not there

I Can't Find My Teacher's Meet

Sometimes when you go to join a meet it will tell you that you cannot start a meeting or various other messages. There numerous things that can cause this message to appear such as your teacher has not yet started the meet, you entered the join code wrong, or you are signed in to the wrong Google account.


  1. Try and join again you may have just typed something wrong

  2. Check your teacher's Canvas page to see if your meet may have been canceled

  3. Double-check the join code (I suggest copying it and pasting it into the join code spot so there's no way it is wrong)

  4. Make sure you are signed into Google with your OJRSD email address. You cannot join a meet on any other email it must be your school email

  5. Make sure you have internet and the connection is relatively strong.


The most common error is entering the join code wrong. I would suggest having a sticky note or some kind of note somewhere with all of your teacher's join codes on them. Another option is to just go to the courses homepage and your teacher should have the join code right there for you. Copying and pasting the join code in is a great way to ensure that it is being typed in correctly. It is really important that you are using your OJRSD email address. If you are on a chromebook, this should not really be an issue and you should always be logged in with that email. OJR's Google Meets will only allow people with OJRSD emails to join. Finally, your internet connection is a big deal. It takes a lot for your device to connect you to many people some of who may be using cameras. In order to ensure that your WiFi is strong enough to connect you should check the status of it in the bottom right corner of your computer, or the top right corner of a tablet. If you do not have a stable internet connection, Google Meet may be unable to connect you and will disconnect you. The easiest way to better your internet connection is to move closer to the router and make sure that no unnecessary devices are connected to the internet also.

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