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Canvas Issue - Students, Staff

Submitted files from students appear as unsupported files, and they cannot be opened. These submitted files typically are in the formats .HEIC or .HEIF. These file formats come from Apple devices, and they are only able to be opened with Apple devices. In addition, Canvas supports the following files: 


  • Videos: MP4, ASF, QT, MPG, MOV, AVI, M4V, WMV, 3GP

  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WMV

With a .HEIC or .HEIF file, download the file. Then, proceed to a file conversion website (quicklink: https://cloudconvert.com/heic-to-jpg) 

Step 1: Locate the Select File button on the page.


Step 2: Drag your downloaded file from the footer bar at the bottom of your browser, or locate the file in Files. 


Step 3: Once the file uploads, verify the settings are correct. A .HEIC file to JPG.

Step 4: Hit the Convert button. You will receive a notification that your download is available when the conversion is complete.

Step 5: View the preview of the image or hit the Download button.


For easy access to a converter, add a File Converter Extension to your Chrome tab. (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/file-converter-by-online/dicgkflojhbopmagcacdklcpdfdcnhko)

Preventative Steps

If a student commonly submits .HEIC or ..HEIF, request that they adjust the settings on their Apple Device, or encourage them to use an online converter before submitting.

Go to Settings → Camera → Formats → Select Most Compatible.

Their Apple device will then automatically convert their image files to JPG then.

Common Trouble Shooting Step

If you are using Google Chrome:

  • Please copy & paste this link in your browser: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

  • Check the boxes for "Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files" and click "Clear Data"

  • Completely close all tabs/windows and restart the browser

If you are using Firefox:

  • Please copy & paste this link in your browser: about:preferences#privacy

  • Under the "Cookies and Site Data" section, please click on "Clear Data." 

  • And then click "Clear."

  • Completely close all tabs/windows and restart the browser

If you are using Safari:

  • Please follow the steps here         

  • Click on "Manage Website Data."  Click "Remove All."

  • Completely close all tabs/windows and restart the browser

If you are using Microsoft Edge:

  • Click on the "Settings and More" icon (ellipsis symbol). Click Settings.

  • Under Clear browsing data, select Choose what to clear.

  • Select "Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files, and Tabs I've set aside", and then select Clear.

If are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Select Tools (via the Gear Icon) > Safety > Delete browsing history

  • Make sure to uncheck Preserve Favorites website data.

  • Select Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History, then click Delete.

Canvas Issue

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  1. The Canvas app must be downloaded

  2. Go into your phone's settings and scroll down and find the Canvas app (The App name will be actually be "Student"). 

  3. Click on the Canvas app and then click on notifications and allow notifications.

  4. Now, open the Cavnas app and click the three lines in the top left, then tap "Settings".

  5. Tap on "Push Notifications".

  6. Here you are able to set what kinds of content you want notifications for such as announcements, assignments, etc.

Chromebook Issue

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Canvas Issue


Tour of Canvas

Canvas can be daunting at first, but with a little mastery it can be extremely powerful. This article will show you around canvas, along with some tips and tricks to get you even more comfortable with canvas.

How to login to canvas

Logging into canvas can be confusing but there are two simple ways you can do it. When you open the canvas app you will see the following screen. On this screen you can select if you would like to login through a QR code or manually. We will explore both paths below.

QR Login with Canvas

Logging into canvas through a QR code is a two step process. First you must select QR Code on the welcome screen. Once you do this you will be prompted with directions to locate the login code on your chromebook or desktop computer. Follow these instructions 


Manual Login

The manual login steps are extremely simple but can be confusing because of how the school has set up canvas. The first step is to click the find my school button on the first page when you open the canvas app. This page will bring you to the below page.


This page will prompt you to search for your school out of a list of supported schools. To find the high school search "Owen J Roberts", three results will show up,  Owen J Roberts, Owen J Roberts School - Parents, Owen J Roberts School - Students and Teachers. You will want to click the first result, Owen J Roberts. This will bring you to the following screen.


On this screen select the menu on the top left side, below the back arrow and then click "Login". Canvas will then prompt you to login with your school google account.

Login on the web

Logging into canvas on the web is as easy as going to https://ojrsd.instructure.com/ and logging in with your school assigned Gmail account

Navigating Canvas

The home page - Mobile

The home page is the main page for canvas. This page will show you all of your classes in a grid view. Each of the squares will bring you to the respective classes.


The home page - Desktop

The desktop home page for canvas is extremely versatile allowing you to customize the view to your workflow. These 3 views are Card View, List View, and Recent Activity. These views can be switched back and forth using the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and selecting a view.

Card View

The card view in canvas displays all of your classes in a grid view, just like the canvas mobile app. This view also includes a To Do list. This list will show your upcoming assignments along with their due dates and class that is serving that assignment. There is also a Recent Feedback section that will show you any recent feedback from your teachers.


The home screen card is extremely simple and set up with links to quickly jump to different parts of that course. From left to right these links are Announcements, Grades, Discussions, and Files. These links will bring you directly to those parts of the course when you select them.


Selecting the three dots in the upper right hand corner of a course card will give you a menu for changing the course color, course nickname and moving it within your view. The nickname of the course can be changed by clicking the nickname field and writing a new name in. The color of the course can be changed by either entering a HEX code into the color field. You can also use the color swatches to quickly change the course color.


The next tab in this menu is the Move tab. This tab will allow you to move the course card around the grid view. You can also unfavorite the course in this menu. Unfavoriting a course will hide it from your main canvas view.


List View

The list view is the second option for a home screen view. This view will show you a list of all of your assignments, tests, and announcements from all of your classes.Cells are grouped by class and day allowing you to quickly view upcoming tasks for your classes. You can scroll down to view tasks in the future and scroll up to view tasks in the past.


Recent Activity View

The recent activity view shows information in a very different way than the rest of the views. This view will show you your recent canvas activity. These activities are your recent announcements, recent canvas messages, recent assignment notifications and recent discussions. 


Clicking on each of these categories will expand them to show the recent activity in each of those sections.


Computer Issue

Why doesn't my battery last long?

There are actions that can strain the battery life on your chromebook or home computer. These can range from watching videos like YouTube or Netflix to playing games in your browser or on the computer. Some applications can also be resource heavy and cause your computer to drain battery life faster than just surfing the web. Also after extended use of a computer the battery begins to worsen. This causes your computer's battery life to get worse over time. 

What are some things I can do to increase my battery life?

Some things you can do to increase your battery life are

  • Reduce the amount of streaming video or audio while on battery life

  • Don't play games on the computer while on battery life.

  • Close unnecessary tabs and other applications

  • Restart your computer

  • Turn down screen brightness

  • Don't keep the laptop plugged in at all times

Good practices to increase the life of your computer's battery.

One thing that can help tremendously with increasing your computer's battery life is to shut it down each night. This will stop the computer from running unnecessary tasks while it is not being used or you are asleep. Another step you can take to keep up

Chromebook Issue

Subcategory Chromebook Issue

Slow Chromebook

Chromebooks are not the most powerful machines out there. In an age where no speed is ever fast enough, any lagging system will be dreaded. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that your Chromebook is running at its full speed.


We all love our extensions. Some people prefer to rock a vanilla setup, while others love to customize their Chromebook to their needs. If you have extra extensions installed outside of what OJR has put there for you, if you do not use them, uninstall them. These extensions can be poorly optimized or even designed to do tasks that your Chromebook cannot handle. Eliminating any unnecessary actions your Chromebook has to do is a great way to ensure its snappiness. The easiest way to access your extension manager is to type chrome://extensions in the URL bar at the top of a chrome tab or in the bottom left menu. From here you can click remove on anything you put there yourself, but no longer need.


Look up, can you count your tabs on one hand? If yes, you're rare. The more tabs you have open and running the more your computer has to chug to accommodate your needs. Think of how hard it is for you to pat the top of your head and rub your belly. Now you're asking your Chromebook to do all that while standing on one leg, blindfolded, sing the alphabet backward, and trying to drink water. Some tabs such as YouTube take up many more resources than a tab such as Google Docs. Prioritize your workload and close your tabs!

Cache and Cookies EXPLAIN HOW

While you cannot withdraw either the cache or cookies, you can clear them. Cookies save data from the websites you visit and cache saves things like rendered images from websites. This data is often useful, however, you likely visit hundreds of webpages a day. All of this information adds up and can slow down your Chromebook. Clearing them prevents your Chromebook from looking through the extensive library you have built up through your Chromebook adventures. Press CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE all at the same time. Make sure you're in the advanced tab and click cookies and cache. Set the time range to all time, and click clear data.

Canvas Issue

Attendance is found in your first-period teacher's assignments and is normally titled "(the date) Attendance." Occasionally you may struggle to find the attendance. It should show up in your to-do list or on your calendar. If you cannot find it there check your teacher's assignments. The attendance quiz is a survey. If you still cannot find it, it may be a problem on your teacher's end and you should email them or notify them in your first period Meet. Remember, attendance will not be open until 7:15 AM and should be completed by 12:00 PM.


  1. Make sure the time you're looking for the attendance is between 7:15 AM and 12 PM.

  2. Check your to-do list and calendar for the attendance quiz.

  3. Check your first-period teacher's assignments for the quiz.

  4. Refresh your Canvas dashboard. The teacher may be updating the attendance as you are checking the page.

  5. If everything else fails, send your teacher an email immediately. They may have forgotten to upload the attendance.


There is no real way to prevent not finding the attendance quiz. The best way to avoid any issues is to check your attendance first thing in the morning. If you do this you can inform your teacher right away so you can make sure you get your attendance completed.

Google Meet Issue

I Can't Find My Teacher's Meet

Sometimes when you go to join a meet it will tell you that you cannot start a meeting or various other messages. There numerous things that can cause this message to appear such as your teacher has not yet started the meet, you entered the join code wrong, or you are signed in to the wrong Google account.


  1. Try and join again you may have just typed something wrong

  2. Check your teacher's Canvas page to see if your meet may have been canceled

  3. Double-check the join code (I suggest copying it and pasting it into the join code spot so there's no way it is wrong)

  4. Make sure you are signed into Google with your OJRSD email address. You cannot join a meet on any other email it must be your school email

  5. Make sure you have internet and the connection is relatively strong.


The most common error is entering the join code wrong. I would suggest having a sticky note or some kind of note somewhere with all of your teacher's join codes on them. Another option is to just go to the courses homepage and your teacher should have the join code right there for you. Copying and pasting the join code in is a great way to ensure that it is being typed in correctly. It is really important that you are using your OJRSD email address. If you are on a chromebook, this should not really be an issue and you should always be logged in with that email. OJR's Google Meets will only allow people with OJRSD emails to join. Finally, your internet connection is a big deal. It takes a lot for your device to connect you to many people some of who may be using cameras. In order to ensure that your WiFi is strong enough to connect you should check the status of it in the bottom right corner of your computer, or the top right corner of a tablet. If you do not have a stable internet connection, Google Meet may be unable to connect you and will disconnect you. The easiest way to better your internet connection is to move closer to the router and make sure that no unnecessary devices are connected to the internet also.

Browser Issue

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Click on the lock in the upper left by the URL

  • There will be a dropdown list next to "pop-ups and redirects"

  • Click this drop-down and set it to allow

  • After doing this try opening the pop-up again and it should work as intended